What To Consider Before Booking Your Makeup Artist

Are you on the search for the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day? Ideally, she’ll be the one to tie together your bridal look, make you look and feel the best that you ever have. She’s there to give you the confidence to walk down the aisle to the partner of your dreams.

Finding a suitable Makeup Artist is more than available dates and timing.

Do Your Research

Always check a Professional Makeup Artist’s portfolio, work experience, how long they’ve been in business, their reviews on Google and Facebook, Instagram and website.

Does Your MUA Suit Your Style?

If you’re a minimalist and don’t wear much makeup day to day don’t choose a makeup artist who does big bold, glam looks because you will look and feel overdone. Unfortunately by the time you realize your artist is too heavy handed for your personal style you may have invested a lot of money and have run out of time and ability to find someone else. I’m sure you want your fiancé to recognize you when you walk down the aisle not wonder who you are and where their fiancé went, right?

Check makeup artist portfolio pictures carefully, does the bride’s skin glow and look realistic or is it matte, heavily done and artificial-looking?

How Do You Want To Be Serviced?

If you’re a person who needs to build a relationship and trust in someone before your big day and know exactly what their work is like, then work with a personalized service. Book a MUA whom you want to work with from start to finish.

Check with your Makeup Artist if she’ll be doing your makeup personally. Even those artists who trade under their own names may still book you out with one of their colleagues – so always check!

Consider Hygiene Practices

Poor hygiene practices in makeup application are things like double-dipping, no brush cleaning, blowing on brushes, reusing disposables etc.

Ask questions about the sanitation and hygiene protocols of any artist you’re considering.

Is Your Personality Compatible With Your MUA?

When you start looking for a makeup artist, make sure she’s easy to work with and not overbearing. A professional MUA should make you feel comfortable and relaxed on your special day. Hair and makeup preparations set the tone for your day.