Makeup & Hair Services Preparation Guide

As a hair and makeup artist, VictoriaHan can customize your look based on your personality. She has an eye for detail which is vital in bringing out the best in every client.

Professional Hair Styling & Makeup is my livelihood and passion. With that said, here are hiccups that can easily be avoided in every occasion.

How To Prep Your Hair In Advance

To look your best on camera and in person, always start with fully dry and clean hair.

Kindly wash and blow dry your hair the day before you come in. Professional styling simply does not work well on dirty or oily hair. Don’t go to bed with wet hair as any moisture in your hair will cause curls to fall and the styling will not hold.

How To Treat Thin Hair

For added volume, you can blow dry your hair upside down and add a volumizer at the roots.

Don’t Add Oils or Serums

Oils or serums can interfere with hair styling so be sure to avoid using these items.

How To Prep Your Skin In Advance

The goal is to have your makeup looking great in person and “on camera”. The outcome is a dance between products, application technique and your complexion.

Exfoliate Your Skin

If you are months away from your big day, have a regular regimen for deep exfoliation and hydration. This keeps your skin clear and smooth.

If your skin is dry and flaky, the foundation will look cakey, no matter how great the foundation is. Makeup on top of dry and flaky skin will be more noticeable.

The night before your makeup session, wash your face with your regular cleanser and a wet wash cloth.

During Makeup Session

Kindly refrain from using your phone during the makeup session to assure proper application, straight lines and symmetry.

At VictoriaHan, we are proud to be early or on time for our clients! Running late causes unnecessary stress for both parties, so be sure you’re ready for your session.